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Egypt and Syria - former british and french colonies - formed the United Arab Republic (UAR) in years 1958-1971.
The first Egyptian postage stamp came out January 1, 1966. Many European countries have conducted its own post office in Egypt. Stamps have been described bilingual depending on years:
* Turkish 1866-1872
* Italian 1872-1879 - POSTE KHEDEVIE egizia
* French 1879-1914 - POSTES ÉGYPTIENNES
* English 1914-1923 - EGYPT POSTAGE
* French 1925-1956
- ROYAUME D 'Egypte
- POSTES D 'Egypte
- Egypt
* English 1956 - ...

In short

Postage stamp names specify:
  • - country of issue
  • - number by the Michel Cataloge (in case of Polish stamps - by Fischer Cataloge)
  • - and a condition of a stamp:

** - Mint stamp with no sign of a stamp hinge: Unmounted Mint or Mint Never Hinged

* - Mint stamp with a sign of a stamp hinge: (Lightly) Mounted mint

[] - cancelled stamp - ʘ

() - stamp with no gum (glue)

L - one stamp out of a serie

Scans were made at dark background of stamp album to expose perforations of postage stamp. And therefore at a part of an image a foil may be visible.

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